Thursday, October 30, 2003

Messed up body clock

Ok, so, it probably isn't the wisest idea, but last night I went out to the WBCN Grave Rave which was held at the Roxy in Boston last night. Why was it not wise? Well, I teach high school. I have to get up at 5:30. I didn't go to bed until 12:30. I'm getting a wee bit old for this. But it was worth it. The Dresden Dolls were very good. I've had "Coin Operated Boy" stuck in my head all day like some sort of mad cow disease (it's in the brain, see?). I also enjoyed Apollo Sunshine.

The coolest part was all the costumes the other people wore (I went as a bitch - I did not dress up.). One guy went as the Abominable Snowman (The Bumble! and Bumbles bounce! Wheee!) from the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys special (not to be confused with the Island of Dr. Moreau you sick bastards - although I would probably watch that). There was also someone who went as the Alien Queen (yes, that one - not Bjork). The best one was the guy who went as Ted Williams with his head in a jar. He had even rigged as way to suck his beverages through a straw in his shirt.

The prize for the most surreal moment of the evening was when as girl in the ladies room asked me for help duct taping her back into her bondage suit. I noticed later that she was Edward Scissor hands. I bet Winnona Ryder never had to duct tape Johnny Depp into his costume. She just would've stole him one that wasn't ripped.

So today at work the children did notice that was more tired than usual. They know my boyfriend works for the radio station. They were mildly impressed by the fact that I had shmoozed with DJs. But here's surreal moment #2: Two of my senior boys were all like "When you get married can I come to the wedding?" and I'm all, like, "Um, wedding? I'll get back to you on that." and then they're like "Hey, we're going to be 18! We can throw a bachelor party for your boyfriend." WTF?! "Um, yeah I'm sure that'll be the swing vote guys."

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Dinner Tonight

So, tonight I successfully cooked soba noodles. Apparently they only take about 3-3.5 minutes (kinda like vermicelli). I dressed them with a little soy sauce, wasabi, veg broth (don't have any dashi in the house) and sesame oil - oh, and a little ancho chile powder (sounds weird, but it works and I had no togarashi in the house)! I garnished them with sesame seeds and nori shreds. So, I guess I MacGuyvered zaru soba. Go me!

This is only a big deal insofar as I love soba noodles and was finally able to buy them at a local Asian market. But the instructions (despite the helpful pictures) were all in Japanese so I had no idea of the cooking times. So they languished in my pantry, taunting me everytime I opened the door.

But, now I have lovely DSL and access to nifty online cooking programs. Crisis solved!

Now, soba noodles - like most other pasta, is not particularly friendly to the whole "low carb" thing. I wrestle with this. In January I went low carb and by, like, May had dropped 35 pounds. However, I've been sitting at this new weight ever since and can't seem to bust past this plateau. Boo! Probably means I'll have to do something sensible - like exercise. I cannot live without pasta. It's yummy and I gotta have it.

Soba Noodle Haiku

Chewy, nutty strands
Glistening in my soup bowl
Look out! It's dinner!

Ok, so the last 5 syllables were kinda crap. Meh.