Tuesday, June 08, 2004

In which I learn that I'm old but Kevin needs a new dosage. Stat.

Reagan is dead.

Kevin told me today that I am old.

Reagan is dead and Kevin told me I'm old.

Is he looking for me to fail him?

Well, I won't fail him. His history teacher might if he doesn't pass in the several owed assignments. One of which is a worksheet packet on the Reagan Era. As I was trying to help him get it done sooner than later, I noted that it was weird to be helping him with something that I didn't really consider to be "history" because the events happened when I was about his age. And there they were staring back at me from a textbook.

And, apparently this makes me "old".

Reagan's dead and I am "old".

It was about then that I pointed out to Kevin that he, charming youngster of 18, had a gray hair sparkling out to the world from his bangs. Because I'm the consummate professional that way.

Instruction and self-esteem building. No waiting!

So, I guess he stomped off to the boys room to look for the offending strand of hair. I was informed, the following period, that he did not find one strand of gray hair. He found two.

And so I am left to wonder:

Can Ritalin cause premature grayness?

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Ari said...

After one of those "teaching moments" I always think to myself that I'm just chiseling away the more smartassed, arrogant bits of marble away from the statue I'm creating.