Monday, April 25, 2005

In which I bemoan my lack of financial acumen

I finally managed to finish my masters degree in education a couple years ago. I have steady employment in a reasonably well paying job. I have my own apartment and a car on which I no longer need to make monthly payments. So why do I feel as though I'm constantly living paycheck to paycheck every month?

I would love to find myself in a position where I can start saving enough money to open some kind of 401K (although, I do have money that goes into the teacher's retirement fund - still, will it be enough? Probably not.). The nice lady on the radio said that in order to retire comfortably one should about put away $4000 a year in something aggressive so you end up with about a million dollars to live on. Where am I supposed to trim my spending to find 4000 extra dollars? I need to eat and I really enjoy electricity!

So, I find myself panicking and trying to save money by jamming random leftovers into casseroles when I would rather call for take out. The official name for this casserole is "Anything With Rice".

I learned about it from the fine folks at Get Stuffed, which was a show that came on late nights on ITV when I lived in London. Each episode was no more than 10 minutes and it detailed how to make quick eats for cheap. Everyday folks were assisted in their food preparation by the narration of the animated "mystery chefs":

When I see how easy it is to put together a program that teaches basic cooking for those on a budget, it makes the crap the Food Network has been forcing down it's perceived demographic's throat that much more odious.

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Timmy Mac said...

More Food Network hate. Stop hating, baby. Stop hating.

P.S. Credit cards eat up way more than their fair share of income.

P.P.S. Most financial planners will advise you to pay yourself first. Whatever you budget for savings, pay it before any other bills.