Thursday, April 14, 2005

Parenthood - But what's in it for me?

This Is A Hell Of A Time-out

"Indians Charged With Burying Children Alive"

This happened, for at least a minute (every two do the math) in Tamil Nadu .

So, I guess this is a Hindu ritual. You get to drug your first born unconscious and then lovingly bury him/her in a shallow grave, covering it up with planks and pieces of tin. The ritual is 400 years old and is called Kuzhimatru or "Festival of the Pits". It's supposed to "propitiate the villiage deities". Propitiate means "appease" or "make nicey-nice with".

You know, when I piss off my God, usually I just have to say something meaningful and sincere like "Oh please, God! I'm sorry. You're right. You are the one true and holy God and I shalt place no Jagermeister before you. Now, if you could please make the room stop spinning. I can't take anymore sick days."

That usually works for a least a few days, though if I find out this Hindu ritual works better I might have to look into becoming a foster parent.

That has got to be one pissed off set of village deities that parents need go all Serpent and the Rainbow on their kids to make it right. Although that section of the world did just get whacked with a tsunami.

So, if it never rains in Southern California, what in the hell are those parents doing to their a kids?

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Lance Manion said...

Worship the JaegerMeister! Worship it or it will DESTROY YOU!