Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Today is "Teach Your Child Money Sense" day...

...or some such nonsense. Did you know that the experts say that a child's allowance should be equal to $1 for every year old he is per week? The logic being that if he makes an error in judgement with $30 at age 10 it'll be better than if he makes an error in judgement with $30,000 at age 30. I say "if it was good enough for me, dammit..."

I can't imagine what the average ten year old is going to do with $10 a week. But, I suppose they should find out sooner rather than later that a $50 crack whore is really going to cost them more than that in the long run.

This may be why I don't have children.

This is also "Turn Your Tv Off Week". I've celebrated by watching tv in copious amounts every day this week. Yes, I should read more. But, "24" was on Monday and then "House" tonight and then tomorrow is a big night with "Smallville", "Lost" and "Alias". By then the whole week has gone to hell. I'll read when I'm in the bathroom, thank you very much, as God intended.

For those folks that are zealous about it, a device has been created that allows the user to turn off any tv at any time. It is small enough to fit on a keyring and give the user plausible deniability. There's a whole article about it in the Daily Telegraph (and if you read it, you'll be working toward the aims of the folks who lobbied for this week to exist because you'll be, well, reading):

Have an affair, go hang-gliding naked: zap the telly and get a life.

But, as for me, Letterman is beckoning. I hear Hank Azaria will be on. There may even be some kind of whacky top ten list.

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JamesTr said...

Well, there's never a reason to miss "24". What a season. But I'm wondering, who else can they bring back this season? Nina? Kim?