Monday, May 23, 2005

Jack Bauer, Renegade

Still recovering from the season finale of "24". Can't find the damn cool shot of him in the aviator sunglasses, as he abandons his identity and the people he cares about to flee from the wrath of those damn Commies. Oh, but he'll return.

He. Will. Return.

At least that's what the teaser at the end promises me.

I can't say enough abut how much I love this show. I even ended up not hating Chloe by the end of the season.

New season starts January 2006.

Is it January yet?

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

My wife and I just got hooked on 24 abotu a month ago. We've worked our way through the first two days: seasons 1 and 2. You can rent them now.

We start Season 3 this week!

Freggin' good stuff.