Saturday, June 04, 2005

All Right. That's Enough Outta Me...for the moment.

I will be going away this weekend. My stepgrandmother has unfortunately passed away due to lung cancer, even though she quit smoking 50 years ago. It's very much a bummer. I liked her, although I had not really known her that long. Ah, well. I'll be back Tuesday.

In the meantime, a few things I suggest to keep you occupied:

If You Are In The Seattle Area:

Go see "The Ugly American" at ACT Theater . Now. Go. It's getting awesome reviews and and it's written and performed by a tremendously talented guy I went to college with, Mike Daisey.

The show will be running there from June 4-26. Dates and venues for other performances and shows can be found on Mike's website.

The Walking Dead

Read. This. Comic.

Here's a quote about the book from the writer, Robert Kirkman (from Comic Book Resources):

"'The Walking Dead' is about a small town cop, Rick Grimes, and his epic story of protecting his family and staying alive in a world ruled by hordes of undead zombies," explains Kirkman. "I like to call it the zombie movie that never ends. I think what sets it apart from other horror books is the fact that I don't really try to scare people. I've gotten tons of fan mail from people saying the book creeped them out and that there is horrific stuff in the book, but really... I'm just trying to tell a survival story. I think the fact that I don't force the horror and it's just a product of the situation sets it apart... but then... what the hell do I know [laughs]."

It's a zombie movie that never ends! How cool is that?!
Read this damn book.


Systm is a new project - a Tech "How-To" Show - from Kevin Rose, late of TechTV/G4.

If you were a fan of The Screen Savers or thebroken, you'll really like this. It's free. You'll need BitTorrent and the DivX codec installed. Check it out!

So, That's It 'Til Tuesday.

I'm sure you'll miss me as much as I'll miss you.

Also, notice how I've learned how to open my links in new windows? Anyone? Anyone? That way I can hope to keep you here reading my bloggy goodness while also looking at the cool stuff I tell you to look at. I'm so smart.


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Dave Morris said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. :-(

Hope you're back soon.