Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sushi Means "Stuff On Vinegared Rice", Bitch...

...Not Raw Fish

Tonight's Dinner

I'm probably the only broke-ass person I know who went out of their way to have sushi for dinner because it was cheaper than McDonald's.

Mr. Scoop says I'm obsessed. This from a man who missed Mother's Day in his relentless pursuit of acquiring (successfully, I might add) a working copy of "Attack of The Clones" before zero day. Granted it was my . mom, but, still...

But You Put Weird Shit In It!

Sure, it was non-traditional sushi with a smoked salmon and cream cheese filling. But it was damn tasty and, for $7, made enough for 4 people. All without having to supersize an order of fries.

Sushi is any of a number of items on rice that's been tossed with a vinegar mixture. It says so right here. So, I could put ostrich on there if I wanted to. I won't, but I could.

Besides, these guys are doing it. Not with ostrich, but foie gras. And, I'm certainly not using foie gras. Did I mention I'm broke?

But, I'm the best fed broke person I know.

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Lance Manion said...

You know what's even cheaper? Getting the special day-old bargain sushi.

Wash that down with a jug of cheap sake and you'll hardly even notice the tapeworms.