Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Well, I was wrong.

And, it's not the first time.

Yesterday, I bitched about the unrelenting heat that led to another power outtage in my building.

I suggested that the idea of the weather undergoing the notorious New England "wait-a-minute" change was lies.

I was wrong.

It is currently 53 degrees F. Very fall-like. I suspect that I will sleep well, despite my lack of faith in my region's climate. That might be the beer though.

Interesting Discovery

I'd like give a hearty "hello" to those folks that are visiting this site because they've typed into a search engine the following words (in any order): "Vanilla Ice", "Hit Me Baby", "Survivor", "Cover" and/or "Destiny's Child".

Glad to have you here. Together, you and I will reclaim the joy that was the early 90s. It will involve sacrifice, probably that of Courtney Love - but maybe it'll be Billy Ray Cyrus. Either way I think it will be worth it. Don't you?

Ice has decided to release the cover of "Survivor" on his upcoming album. It'll be in stores on August 1st - details here.


Lance Manion said...

You know what would be awesome? Vanilla Ice covering MC Hammer. The sheer concentration of 80's-ness would probably be enough to send the world back in time.

Just so long as it didn't send me back to junior high. God that sucked.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

One time in the early 90's I put 2 dollars in a juke box at the local bar.

Then I selected "Achey Brakey Heart" 8 times in a row.

Then I played pool, drank and watched everyone else look up at the juke box with contempt!

Dave Morris said...

Billy Ray Cyrus tried to make a come-back in the late 90's and would call me weekly to ask my advice on which songs to release. His manager and label apparently didn't agree, so look what happened. I completely blame his failure on ignoring my advice.

Secretly, I'm thanking God he didn't make a comeback.