Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Batman Beyond

I've been away from here too long. I will update you all shortly with vignettes of my escapades from this weekend. Clearly, I have been distracted from blog-dom and I hope to make amends. However, I will say that it was refreshing to wake up this morning and not have a visitor of some sort passed out on my couch.

And there's something about an unsuspecting passed out visitor, lying innocently in oblivion on your couch, that makes you want to do something juvenile like draw a penis on their face with a Sharpie like you did in college. Unfortunately, sometimes your visitor is your mom.

Anyway, tonight I stayed up entirely too late reacquainting myself with the Batman Beyond franchise. Paul Dini rules. I just got done with the episode in which he reintroduces Victor Fries. Damn. Awesome stuff. And, recently, I rewatched "Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker". Anyone who doesn't think that this is the best Batman movie ever clearly either hasn't seen the movie or has some sort of bias against animation. I'm including the new Christian Bale movie in this. It's good, but "Batman Beyond" doesn't suffer from the incredible blackhole of suck acting that is Katie Holmes.

Well, before I descend into further fanboy ranting, I'm going to go to bed. With any luck, tonight I won't be awoken by weird nightmares where a live wire's been dropped into my bed and I find myself getting electrocuted and must wake up before my impending death.

We're going to hope for the best.


Lance Manion said...

Drawing a penis on the face of one's unconscious mother...

Could that be any more Freudian? And the answer is no, no it could not be more Freudian.

(Yes, that was paraphrased from Spinal Tap. Bite me.)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Why don't you launch Windows Paint and draw us a homemade penis. Won't you?

Blog ho said...

"Unfortunately, sometimes your visitor is your mom."

oh, i laughed.

sarah said...

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