Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Most Phallic Victorian Feat of Architecture Ever!

Lock Up Your Daughters Here!

Just throw a couple round hedges at the bottom of the "turret" and voila! A towering ode to Victorian repression that you can probably use to lock up your female children more safely than a chastity belt. They can read "Wuthering Heights", work themselves up into a lather, and not be able to do anything about it until you marry them off to the suitors of your choice.

You can find this prime piece of real estate in lovely, downtown, North Attleboro, Massachusetts. It's down the street from a Pilates place, an office supply store, and a soup kitchen. What a bargain!

Here's What I'm Drinking Tonight!


Mmmm, Boozy Goodness Made By Monks!

This is a Belgian beer made by Trappist monks. By - Not from.. I've had to explain that to Goths more often than I'd care to. Anyway, it's got 7% ABV. Complex, yet light. Pairs nicely with food. If you like wheat beers or Lambics, you'd like this. We had it tonight with Bratwurst and German potato salad. I make the best German potato salad. Ever.

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Blog ho said...

i could totally live in that spire.