Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Muse, Sake

This cute little comic was forwarded to me by Lance.

Click To Enlarge, Damn It!

It seems to be summing up my evening. Hell, it seems to be summing up the last 18 months or so.

Quick story - One night, about eight years ago, Lance and I and my roommate to be, Throb (another story for another day), went out for sushi at an establishment in Cambridge for a few hours before I was supposed to go to my grad class in "Literature for Children and Young Adults". This was a fairly easy class for someone like me with an English major from Colby. Assignments involved making paper mache masks of characters from books we read in class instead of 5 page response papers regarding the images of female oppression or Freudian imagery in "The Yellow Wallpaper". Sometimes the assignments involved discussing the merits of "Pat the Bunny". Suffice to say that I thought I could safely put away a drink or two and have no problem keeping up with class that evening.

I was wrong.

To begin with, it wasn't a drink or two. It ended up being 3 or 4 large sakes. Possibly a Sapporo or two. My recollection is a little hazy. What I do remember is being paranoid enough about my state of inebriation that I stopped at a nearby CVS for breath mints as I wove my way to class. I staggered in just as class was starting.

Tonight's discussion involved this book:


Here's a brief description from

"Following a terrible car crash, Eva, 14, awakens from a strange dream and finds herself in a hospital bed. Medical science, in this book's future setting, has allowed doctors to pull her functioning brain from her crushed body and put it into the able body of a chimpanzee. With the aid of a voice synthesizer, she communicates with others and adjusts to her new body; because her father is a scientist who has always worked among the chimps (who have been crowded by the massive human population out of any semblance of a natural world, and into iron and steel jungles), Eva is comfortable with her new self. "

Sure. I'll be able to contribute coherently to this discussion. I did the reading. I think.

Let me just say that 3 or 4 large sakes prior to the course of a discussion that involves "Girl awakes from coma in the body of a chimp. And yet wackiness does not ensue." can be the difference between an "A" and and "A-" in grad school "Literature for Children and Young Adults".

And it was.


Latigo Flint said...

Eva seems to adapt better than I would.

Lance Manion said...

I thought you'd like the cartoon.

In other news, your post inspired me to write a screenplay. But with lemurs. So I can't be sued.

My legal genius is legendary.

Ari said...

The Yellow Wallpaper creeped me out.

Anonymous said...

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