Thursday, September 01, 2005

Is This Abuse Covered By My HMO?

Doctor Gives Elderly Patient Much Needed Smack To The Head. Gets Spanked.

The elderly female patient at a hospital in Shiga, central Japan, was given a local anaesthetic for an unspecified operation early last month, but began thrashing around on the operating table and yelling at the doctor to stop.

After trying to persuade her to calm down, the doctor hit the patient on the forehead and yelled at her to shut up, a hospital spokesman said. The patient needed five days to recover from the injury to her forehead.

Lately, I find that individuals "of a certain age" cause the lizard part of my brain to recoil in horror. I don't know what it is. Disdain for the weak. My fear of my own mortality. General violent, psychotic tendencies. It's hard to say. But I think anyone who's ever spent 20 minutes directly in back of an elderly woman who patiently waits for her groceries to be rung up and then . remembers she has coupons. And then, then! remembers "Oh, I forgot the hot dog rolls" and tries to convince the nice boy behind the counter to leave his station and go get them for her and, upon failing - because there's 10 other people in line getting progressively more surly - behaves as though he's beaten, raped and shot her grandchildren (who, if they have this to look forward to should shoot themselves. Darwin was not kind here.) and then takes an extra 10 minutes to shuffle out of the way because there are other serious people without senile dementia trying to purchase all of their groceries in one fell swoop - if you've been behind this haggard batfaced witch that ought to be put out to pasture - then you'll understand why the doctor backhanded that patient.


Rob Seifert said...

I absolutely get it. In fact, whenever I go digging through my pockets for change, I mumble a comment about old women digging through their purses by way of appology. Do you suppose that's how we all end up? I for one will be dragging my old bones out into a field to feed the coyotes before it comes to that.


Long_Division said...

An old guy cut in front of me at the bank. When I protested he said, "Listen, Sweetheart, I'm 87 years old. I haven't got much time left, so I have to be careful how I use it. It will not be spent standing in a line." And really, what could I say to that?? Another person in the line complained again and he said, "Fuck all of you--time passes!" At that moment I would have married him had he not been so...well...old.

Dave Morris said...

Totally you in like 60 years.