Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Lost" Theory

This is my hundreth post!

Ok, now that we're 2 episodes in to the new season of Lost, I thought I'd post my theory about where the show is going to go.

I posted this theory here on John Rogers's most excellent blog.

Some of my comments got picked up by these guys.

I was flattered.

So here it is for your thoughts and comments:

I think, ultimately, the show will hinge on Walt and Hurley.

I...believe that Hurley was the only one the island was trying to actively keep off the plane. That, somehow, he stands a good chance of foiling the island's "plans" through the aura of his collosally bad luck.

I also have a theory that somehow Walt, with his weird psychic powers, created this crisis with "The Others". Just one more test his dad needs to conquer to prove how much he loves him. I mean, if he can miracle a polar bear onto the island...?

So, I guess I figure that the theme for next season is "Fat Man and Little Boy".

*Walt theory expanded:

...Walt's always wanted the attention of a parent to himself. He didn't want to share mom with stepdad (stepdad thinks he's creepy). Mom dies. Stepdad gives him to Michael. He overhears Michael asking Walt's grandmother to take him. Plane goes down on island. Ok, we're stranded on the island - I'll make Dad jealous by hanging with Locke. Dad just gets pissy and controlling ("You can't see him"). Walt wants dad to prove his love: he miracles the crisis with the polar bear. Boat nears completion - getting off the island means possibly getting sent to grandma's; Walt burns the boat down. Michael is accidently poisoned by Sun; Walt realizes he needs to get Michael out on the ocean, away from the majority of other survivors - sure Dad didn't die, but why risk any more accidents? "We have to get off the island!" They launch the boat. Walt and Michael have a nice moment where Walt "learns to drive" and finds out that the rudder is the boat's tool that will get them to civilization. Suddenly, the rudder falls off. Sawyer (with the help of Michael and Jin) saves the rudder. That night, they encounter "The Others" - who wreck the boat, kidnap Walt, wound Sawyer and strand Michael (the x-factor here will be Jin): subtext - "Come save me Daddy. Prove your love. Don't leave me."


Lance Manion said...

Yeah, well I have 103 posts, but you don't see me bragging about it. Well, now you will. But before you didn't, and that's what's important.

Dave Morris said...

Happy hunnert. (that's how they say it in these parts)

As for Lost, I haven't gotten into that show, for whatever reason. Perhaps because I'm a fucking rube.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Welcome to the Hundred Club.

Hadyn said...

Kia ora,

Happy hundredth post! Thanks for being flattered about being on "the Hammer". Flattery is the best form of... um... flattery.

Sorry I didn't read your post because we haven't got the new Lost series yet and probably won't until next year!

Here's to 100 more!

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