Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mojitos and topless...I mean tapas

Mmmm...blackout-a-licious... Mr. Scoop and I just got back from a tapas bar.

Whenever I tell people I've had dinner at a tapas bar, inevitably they hear "topless bar.". Quizzical stares ensue. Followed by a certain amount of explaining on my part.

For those of you not familiar with tapas, it's a type of Spanish food. Small plates of items to be eaten with drinks. Many drinks. The original idea of tapas was to create something to put over your glass, back in the day, to keep flies out of your sherry while you were drinking. Now it's to create a base to imbibe more booze and create a thirst for more. Clever folks, those Spanish bar owners.

I enjoy tapas because you get to try a lot of different flavors at once without getting overly stuffed on any one thing. And that's great, because when I'm drinking, I find I often have ADHD of the tongue - and having lots of little different tastes to choose from without getting bloated (which slows down the drinking) is a bonus. Mr. Scoop and I ordered 4 "small plates" - scallops in saffron cream, steamed littleneck clams in wine, grilled chicken with an ancho chile and red wine sauce, and sizzling shrimp in garlic and chile infused oil. Lots of bread for dipping on the side. He drank beer. I drank mojitos. I think mojito may be Spanish for "...and then, after the blackout, you wake up in an alley naked and sticky".

More mojitos now. Stat. I'm on a schedule, godammit.


Dave Morris said...

Perhaps it's the Spanish FLY in me, but I think I will open a Topless Tapas Bar. No confusion, and lots of boobies.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

So, were you topless or what?