Monday, September 19, 2005

Things I Overheard At School Today

  • “I do not have a third boob!”

  • “Stop being such a tool…box…” “Yeah, this room is already full of boxes.”

  • “Can you take a submarine to Idaho?”

  • “So they stop letting kids grind at school dances.  They have to face each other now.  Let’s just say there was a lot of dry humping of knees at the last dance.”

  • “Quod nomen tibi est?”  “Mihi nomen est Caligula!”

  • “Oooh!  Shiny!”

  • “So Rome was sacked by the Goths, but not the kind that hang out in clubs or wish they were vampires.”

  • “Why is he talking to a pig’s head on a stick?”

  • “But that isn’t how we do things here…”

  • “That’d be a booger.  On my desk.  Must be Monday.”

I had one of those weird moments today where a student made me rethink my entire opinion of him just by inadvertently revealing a hitherto unknown talent.  The kid is nice enough, but not particularly organized and often does not do his homework.  Seems to fit into a basic, nice guy jock kind of mold (think “Oz” from “American Pie”).  Then today, I watched him, for no reason in particular other than to kill time during picture day in the school auditorium, bust into Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” on a vacant piano.  When I asked him later how long he’d been studying piano, he told me he taught himself.  

Just one of those small reminders that as a teacher I can’t let myself put kids in neat boxes or lower my expectations of what a student can do based on what I generally see from 7:30am to 2:00pm.  There’s often something else going on beneath the surface.


Latigo Flint said...

The wretched part is that just as often there's not. I don't envy you your job or conscience.

Ithiel said...

“Quod nomen tibi est?” “Mihi nomen est Caligula!”

I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes!

And the bit about the kid breaking into pachelbel, wow. Reading your blog makes me wonder what my teachers thought of me in highschool (likely best left unknown :) )

Lance Manion said...

I would pay you a dollar to hear the story of the third boob.

Dave Morris said...

I can play Mary Had A Little Lamb on the picollo. That has made many people reevaluate me.

Also the ability to pee 10 feet.

Wigwam Jones said...

I doubt I could get actual feet through my urethra. Sounds painful. Perhaps I could start small, with say, 10 noses, or ears. Is this a 'West Coast' thing?

Ari said...

This post was like your kid. It began with a third boob (or the lack thereof) and ended up with a poignant truth. Neat how you did that. :)

Rob Seifert said...

Nicely written. Kids and, as it turns out, people in general don't fit nicely into little boxes. Thanks for the reminder to keep an open mind. I continue to be amused by Dave and Wiggy...


Ghost Dog said...

Those quotes absolutely cracked me up. 'Specially this one:

“So Rome was sacked by the Goths, but not the kind that hang out in clubs or wish they were vampires.”