Friday, October 14, 2005

Hello Whiskey My Old Friend

You know, for a night home alone, it’s a little busy here.

To begin with, I’m rediscovering my old friend Scotch whiskey, after months of being budget minded and buying other, lesser whiskeys instead. Sure Canadian Club will get you fucked up. But it really needs to be mixed with other mediums for maximum enjoyment and functionality (read: if I mix it with ginger ale, it is palatable and I can drink it faster).

Tonight’s single malt adventure is Laphroaig (10 year). It is probably my favorite single malt Scotch in the world. It’s from Islay. Islay is an island off the coast of Scotland. When you smell this whiskey, you smell smoke and ocean. Think about the best beach bonfire party you ever attended. The smell of the fire and the brine in the air. And you get drunk, just like the beach party. That’s what this drink will remind you of. It tastes of that smoke too, along with fire, salt and little bit of honey. On a night like tonight here in New England - rainy, cold and raw - my Laphroaig is the best of summer beach bonfires in a glass.

And, I’m not going to wake up missing my top...with hickeys on my earlobes I’d rather not have to explain to my parents.

There’s nothing worse than a hickey that scabs over. That’s all I’m saying.


Speaking of embarrassing high school moments, my WinAmp has kicked over into "I Want Your Sex" (yes, yes...George Michael...). I still remember when my friend Chrissie (who went on to a psychology degree and a lifetime of living at home) called me in the middle of the MTV debut of the video to hold her rotary phone up to the TV because she couldn’t believe what she was seeing and had to share...somehow... I didn’t even have cable, so I was more floored by the idea of MTV in the house than George Michael in bed with a woman.

So, apparently some night I was very drunk and decided it was a good idea to add it to my music collection. I shouldn’t be surprised. Very often I wake up and my digital music collection looks like the iPod equivalent of a Coyote Morning. But with fewer phone calls I have to duck. And less Herpes.


Oh, and by the way, it’s "Homemade Karaoke Night" here at Chez Scoop. With the whiskey drunk beginning at 6pm, it was really kind of inevitable. But we’ve added a new twist to the "turn on WinAmp and sing at the top of your lungs" pattern: It’s finally occurred to me that I own a live microphone and amplifier.

Be afraid, elderly neighbors.

Be very afraid.


Dave Morris said...

That sounds like a few nights I've had, just sitting around drinking scotch and singing to my iTunes. In fact, I think I'll pour me a scotch right now.

Lagavulin is my favorite, also an Islay scotch with a sort of smoky flavor. I also like The Balvenie.

Latigo Flint said...

You've come to talk to booze again. Because the liquor softly creeping, left it's seed while you were sleeping. And the fermentation that's planted in your brain... still remains, and echoes, with the sound... of whiskey.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Your second paragraph was the most poetic verse I've ever read on the subject of drinking.

What great work!

I love CC. But I hate scotch. I guess I haven't given it much of a chance.

Lance Manion said...

Yeah, at least scotch has never left me passed out in a mens room, hugging the toilet as if it's my last link to sanity.

Oh wait. It has...

Amandarama said...

Dave - I'll have to try those. Thanks!

Latigo - Yes. Yes it did. And I can still hear its voice. It keeps whispering "Buy me.".

LBB- Thank you! And, yes, give good whiskey a try. And I don't hate CC. We've had many an interesting and mostly blacked-out evening together.

Lance - The toilet does not judge. However, the owner of the toilet will - if you miss. Oh, and sorry for the drunken phone call message I think I left on Friday.

Joe Tornatore said...

hickeys scab over? i just finished reviewing first aid for every ailment under the son in a Boy Scout handbook. this wasn't mentioned.

Ari said...

Hmm... might hafta look into that. Lately I've been doing store brand Sprite + tequila. Yeah, I'm a redneck.