Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Look What's Happened To Rosemary's Baby!

I have a penchant for crap horror movies. I think it's because my parents wouldn't let me rent them as a child. I love to watch them. Sure, they don't scare me, but the important thing is that I got to watch them.

The picture in the corner is from the ill advised tv sequel to Rosemary's Baby. No one believes me when I tell them that the movie had a sequel. Sure, being on Sunday afternoon tv is kind of like never having happened, I realize that. But the movie, following the travails of poor Adrian - who wants to be a rock star but the whole "having to be the Antichrist" thing keeps getting in the way - was only memorable to me insofar as I remember having seen it after some Creature Double Feature on a far distant Sunday afternoon. I also remember watching some movie that involved turning people into giant mushrooms on an abandoned island. I remember exactly about as much from that movie as well - which is to say that I apparently watched it. Some Sunday.

Anyway, the important thing was that I got to see it. God bless UHF. I felt the same way about Audrey Rose even though it was dubbed over in French because it was broadcast from a Canadian station out of Northern Maine.

Loves me some cheesy horror.

I was disappointed by the line up of movies that my cable provider put together this Halloween. A lot of emphasis on family friendly Halloween fare: "The Haunted Mansion", "Hocus Pocus", "Batman and Robin". The previous weekend we'd been treated to the entire "Ginger Snaps" trilogy. That's some damn fine tv well before Halloween. What gives?

Here are my current favorite horror movies:

The Ring

The Grudge



Ginger Snaps

Cabin Fever

They are in no particular order. I've also watched the Japanese versions of both The Ring and The Grudge and they hold up, if not surpass the American remake. I've discussed why I like these movies very much at length here.

Audition is just brutal. Mr. Scoop, through mighty web-fu, finally scored us a copy. Words won't do justice trying to explain this movie. You just have to see it. However, you will never go on a blind date again after watching it though.

Saw I liked because I actually didn't call the reveal of the bad guy.

Ginger Snaps, the first one, is as much a coming of age story as a straight ahead werewolf flick. The sequel is pretty good too (and involves a 12 year old pyromaniac sociopath - and you don't get enough of those, in my opinion).

Cabin Fever is enjoyable because it is an homage to great horror movies past in addition to being an excellent movies in and of itself. And watching teenagers die of the horrible creeping ick is never a bad thing.

Sure there may be better horror movies, but these are the ones I really like right now.



Ithiel said...

The Ring: Not Bad

The Grudge: Meh, Japaneese version was better

Audition: Very good. I rented this with a few friends on anecdotal testimony from a friend who stated that Rob Zombie was unable to watch the whole thing.

Saw: Meh, the bad guy won and I like that. You don't see enough of that in american cinema.

Ginger Snaps: Never saw it, will have to go rent it now though. And the sequel, I mean, who doesn't like pyromaniacal sociopaths?

Cabin Fever: I enjoyed this movie for the same reasons you did, fuggin' teenagers.

Amandarama said...

See, I totally agree with you on The Grudge. I have the whole Japanese franchise and it rocks! They keep trying to find new and different places to stash Toshio for effect. By the third movie, they're sticking him in wheel wells. And yet, it works! I should've been more specific.

Ringu is better than "The Ring", too.

And everybody likes pyromaniacal sociopaths. Especially 12 year old ones. In fact, I would go so far as to say that anyone who doesn't like 12 year old pyromaniacal sociopaths is a communist and deserves to run into one. It's just unAmerican.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm going through a martial arts movie phase. I watched The Chinese Connection last night. And tonight it's a snifter of bourbon and Jet Li. (the movie, not the man).

Ari said...

I can't do horror. It scares me. I know, it's lame. But it does.

Dave Morris said...

My daughter described SAW to me and it made me want to watch. She said it was pretty scary... and well, I'd hate to make HER console ME... so I haven't watched yet. I do love me some horror as well. Remember "Gargoyles?" (the cheesy 70's version)

Lance Manion said...

What about Evil Dead Part 2?! Oh wait, that sucked. Nevermind.

ComicFanatic said...

I was a little let down by The Audition. I didn't think it even came close to living up to the hype.

I'm not dying to see Ginger Snaps