Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Comes Early To Chez Scoop

All Hail Our Lord Who Can Pause Live TV! So, I've been gifted already for Christmas. Mr. Scoop has bestowed upon me the great and glorious TiVo. I've already been playing with it. Pausing live tv, just because I Have The Technology. I set up a bunch of "season passes" this evening. Mostly stuff late night on Comedy Central ("The Daily Show") or on the Food Network (can you say "Iron Chef"? Good. I knew you could.). Sure I should be doing schoolwork, but I have TiVo. I can Rewind Time.

This is very exciting.

Mr. Scoop rules.

I would post about what I got him for Christmas, but then he'd read about it and that would spoil his surprise.


Dave Morris said...

I am a TiVo fanatic - I have four, including one in the kitchen! Go ahead and hate me... I just love me some rewind capability.

I record Daily Show and Colbert Report to watch in bed at night. This is the extent of my nighttime action, me and the TiVo remote.

Now whose life sucks???

Merry Christmas to you and Sir Scoop.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sweet. Freggin' SWEET. TiVo is the bomb.

I got a Sirius Satellite Radio. It's hella cool, too.

Rogers said...

You will thank me

Rogers said...

that's weakknees, as in Weak knees