Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pandora's Box

At 10:20 in the evening, Mr. Scoop announced that he wants to kill a guy.

I'm not sure who the guy is. I'm not sure that Mr. Scoop knows either.

He announced this, apropos of nothing, in his sleep.

Mr. Scoop was a bit taken aback when I'd told him he'd done this, but not entirely surprised. Afterall, the next whiskey blackout is "just another opportunity to open up Pandora's Box. You just never know what's going to happen. And I've got a lot of time I can't account for."

Then he spent some time assuring me he didn't know any strippers named Pandora.


Speaking of things Pandora, have you checked out this website:


It's a website put together by the "Music Genome Project". You register with the site (it's free). Then it will ask you to pick an artist or song. Once you've done that it will create a streaming radio station with songs that are grouped thematically around the muscial elements of that band or song. Mr. Scoop has one set up around the song "Blue on Black" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I set one up around the band Calexico. Their song "Minas de Cobre (for better metal)" always makes me think of Latigo Flint.

Anyway, it's pretty cool and it's free so I say check it out.


Timmy Mac said...

That site is unbelievable. It's different from like Yahoo LaunchCast because it's not picking stuff based on genre or marketing distinctions - it's giving me music I never would have thought similar to my starting point. Fucking cool!

Dave Morris said...

I need to go to that site, it sounds freaking awesome.

Dave Morris said...

One more thing - I'm strangely drawn to posts with the word "box" in the title. Thanks for that.