Friday, January 27, 2006

Seven hours and Twenty-three Minutes Until Wine o'clock

It's not like I have to do it.
I can stop any time I want.
Being sober, that is.
It's been an odd week. I've been experimenting with weekday sobriety. I took a look at my diet and noticed that I've been putting down a bottle or so of wine every night for the last month. If you consider that a serving of wine has between 110-120 calories (per 150 ml) then an entire bottle is between 550 to 600 calories. 7 bottles of wine, therefore, would be about a pound of weight. Continued consistent consumption of several cases of wine equals me becoming Jabba the Hut in short order.
Of course, it's not like I couldn't take calories out of other places in my diet. Last night I made one of my famous mondo burgers: 1/4 lb. Hamburger patty, pan seared and finished in the oven topped with sauteed mushrooms and brie on toasted rosemary sourdough bread.
On the other hand, I dropped four pounds when I got on the scale this morning, so, who knows?


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

A bottle of wine and a Mondo Burger. You're my new Muse!

jeremy said...

If you're able to do the math like that, you're plenty sober. Time for a drink.

Ari said...

Congrats on the 4 pounds... I need to curtail my wine calories too.

Miss Sassy said...

I've gotta say, I did the Vegas Experience over New Years and lost 5 pounds!!!
I figure if all I ingest is alcohol, my calorie consumption goes down... and voia la!! The pounds fall right off =)
Oh, and if your lucky, the activities increase exponentially... that helps too!