Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Island Provides For Its Own...

...Except For Hurley

Dude, I love peanut butter.  Dude. More than your mom. Last night on Lost, well, damn.

Poor, poor, put upon Hurley.

I have this theory that Hurley, due to his collosal field of bad luck, isn't actually supposed to be on the island. Click the damn link to catch up.

I think Hurley is going to be the unlikely hero of these folks that have crashed upon the island. I've thought it for a while. The island tried so very hard to keep him from showing up, after all.

And my suspicions around this were only strengthened last night.

You see, in my not so humble opinion, the island seems to have a habit of messing with people by giving them what they need: Locke has the use of his legs back, for example. Sawyer gets to live the "being a badass" dream. Kate, not only doesn't get molested by step-daddy - and, bonus!, she also avoids jail time. Oh, and Jack gets to be big Doctor in Charge without Daddy looking over his shoulder or Ghosts of Who He Is Supposed To Mature Into flickering on the horizon. Hell, even Charlie kicked his drug addiction (for now).

But what about Hurley?

Hurley tries to eat less -------> He begins to horde food.
Hurley decides to destroy his secret food stash -------> A food ration drop is discovered.
Hurley is generally considered the most even tempered, "normal" guy on the island -------> He starts to hallucinate the "imaginary" guy who used to dog his therapy at the clinic, "Dave".

Frankly, if a character is supposed to be evil, I think its pedigree is only strengthened if he or she used to be on Sex and the City.

Oh, and what did I miss...

Hurley decides he has enough of a mental health issue to look for anti-psychotic meds from Sawyer -------> When Sawyer doesn't fork 'em over, Hurley - even tempered, easy going Hurley, opens up a can o' whup ass on Sawyer. Leading Sawyer to call Hurley "crazy". Daddy issue ridden, wish I had an identity of my own Sawyer. Calling Hurley crazy.


My point is, if any other character thought he was going crazy, he or she would've magically come across a stash of meds that had fallen from the plane away from Sawyer or a plant that somehow healed neurosies. That's what the island does.

Hell, even when Hurley kinda manages to get some from Libby at the end of the episode, it's revealed that she may just be another crazy from the mental institution. Sure you can claim you have a doctorate in psychology, but simply having lots of therapy just isn't the same thing. Apparently.

The island is out to get Hurley. That's all I'm saying.

But he'll win. He'll overcome all this nonsense through sheer force of will and fuck up the plans of the island and/or The Others in the process. It's what Hurley does.

Mark my words, people.

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Gabriel said...

I didn't click your link because i don't like to speculate much, i'd rather just watch it and see what happens, or at least think of stuff by my own. But I think you might be right.