Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Purge

Check it.

These are items I've cooked this week. On the left is tonight's shrimp scampi with basil over angel hair pasta. The scampi are a pound of U-12 shrimp (1 pound is about 8-12 shrimp) that have been sauteed with garlic, red chile flakes, lemon juice and white wine over angel hair pasta and sprinkled with large handfulls of basil and parsley. Eat with smug satifaction, accompanied by an Italian Soave, while you pretend that the $15 you dropped on the shrimp won't come back to haunt you when you need to pay your utilities at the end of the month.

On the right is a delicacy I like to call Seafood Dynamite. Saute your favorite seafood (in my case scallops, squid and shrimp), toss with a sesame and cayenne infused mayonaise to which I've added a great deal of fresh crab and run the results under the broiler until brown and bubbly. Relish the results over white rice with a good quality chilled sake. Lord it over everyone else.

Why have I called this "The Purge"?

I'm getting this all out of my system. By this I mean cooking yummy, comforting things. I desperately need to start dieting. I give y'all the finished product of what will probably be the last two "so-good-I'd-feed-them-to-professional-cooks" items that will come out of my kitchen for at least a month. Unless I make baked, stuffed shrimp this weekend. The jury in my brain is kind of out on that.

Most likely, starting Monday, I'm looking at a lot of poached chicken and steamed veggies. This is not a particularly good base for drinking. The upside will be that after rather fewer shots of whiskey than usual, I will pass out. This is fewer calories. The downside will be trying to avoid hitting McDonalds for lunch in search of grease to offset the hangover.

I may still have a few things to work out here.

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Dave Morris said...

Jesus, your kitchen prowess is impressive.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

UPS me some of that. It looks great.

Miss Sassy said...

Diets are for quiters - put the shrimp on salad instead of pasta, add a multi vitamin, and keep the kitchen open!

verification (no joke) - funiy.
Its like they know me!!