Friday, May 05, 2006

Everything But The Girl

Caught At The Crossroads Between DNA And Fate, Patrick Kennedy Comes Into His Birthright

Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy crashed his car into a security barrier near the Capitol early yesterday, and officers at the scene suspected that he might have been intoxicated, a police union official said...Kennedy, a six-term congressman, said that Capitol Police officers told him to park his Ford Mustang and drove him home...

Ok, everything but the girl and dumping the car into Poucha Pond like his dad did. But, I give him style points for driving around at night with his headlights off and crashing his Mustang into a police car before finally smashing into the security barrier and then claiming that it was all because of prescription medication (for sleeping and a stomach disorder) that made him think that it was time to head into chambers and vote. About the only way it gets better than that is if he gets out of the car in a wife-beater and bunny slippers. On Cops.

I think they should put Mr. Kennedy's Phenergan/Ambien cocktail in the water in November before the elections. It seems to have induced the spontaneous desire to vote in at least one Democrat. Maybe this is what the party needs to increase turnout.

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

So what's the news here? A Kennedy was driving drunk and used connections to get out of trouble?


Amandarama said...

Look, what can I tell you? I got caught up in the moment as I was re-titling the Washington Post article.

Violet said...

Pretty funny strategy for helping the Democrats in the next election. I'm sure the voters wouldn't mind it too much, either.