Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fat Man And Little Boy Redux

Musings on ABC's Lost

A World Without Ana-Lucia

I put my dick in there.  That can't be good.You know, I'd feel bad that Michael blew a hole in Ana-Lucia's torso...if the character hadn't been such a screeching harpy. It's not an easy task to screech in one note ("strident"), but she sure managed to make a go of it. Now, granted, Michael was "compromised" and acting under orders from The Others when he offed her - but wasn't he just doing what a lot of us had wanted to do to her character since it had been introduced? Last night, when Jack had nothing much to say about her at her funeral, that spoke volumes about the way the character never really seemed to integrate into the show: "She was a woman of few words". His next line may as well have been, "Next!" It makes me wonder: if she hadn't been pulled over for the DUI while filming the show in Hawaii, would they have written her character out anyway?

Anyhow, I'm glad she's gone. Now that she's fucked off, I find it interesting that by the end of the season we're only left with two "tailees": Eko and Bernard.

Near as I can tell, introducing the tailees provided the writers with two options:

1. Introduce new characters, thereby opening up opportunities for new relationships and conflicts.

2. Provide the opportunity to explore other parts of the island, since the tailees landed on a different section.

Mr. Scoop also likes to point out that since "Lost" has overtones of The Stand, the tailees kind of represent those people who find their way into one of two camps: Boulder and Las Vegas. I haven't read The Stand but I'll take his word for it.

I will say this, though - if you open the season with 47 (or something like that) people on one side of the island and 23 on the other and, by the end of the season only two out of 23 remain...did you really have to introduce a whole new group of characters just to kill them off? Did the writers of "Lost" buy little soldier men by the dozens as kids and tie them to firecrackers just for the sheer lunatic thrill of watching them explode? Out of the 40ish or so folks who came from the fuselage, only 12 of them are focused on as regular characters. Why not have another dip in the pool?

Well, it is easier to introduce conflict from outside. Garbage in = Garbage out. Have them show up, stir the pot and kill them off when they outlive their usefulness (and/or upset the local law enforcement). I just wonder if you had to introduce an entirely new group to serve this purpose, that's all.

Frank Miller Had It Right: Children Are Evil

Michael's motivation for returning to the camp and saddling up the troops - four very specific troops - is that if he doesn't bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley back to The Others, he'll never see his son, Walt, again. For "three minutes" he is allowed to see a tearful Walt, who begs him to save him - just long enough to drive home to Michael his helplessness, his inability to be the protective father Walt has cried out for since the first season.

And I still maintain that Walt is manipulating this whole situation out a child's own selfish desire to have one parent's attention all to himself. If there weren't actual high fives all around the second Walt got outside the tent, he replayed the scene in his head with smug satisfaction, "I played you all! Who's the man? Walt's the man. And now the man needs a little nappy-poo."

Of course, since we haven't seen Walt since somewhere around episode, what?, 6? this season, he's undergone a growth spurt and puberty hardcore. "The man" may not be looking for a nappy-poo as much as a fake ID.

How is Walt manipulating all this? Well as Miss Thang, I mean Klugh (pronounced "clue"...go figure...), tells us that Walt has unusual abilities...psychic ones? They appear to have been running tests on Walt. She asks Michael if he's ever seen Walt in one place when he physically was supposed to be in another. Michael seems perplexed by this question. Probably because he's.. never seen it.

You know who has seen this ability of Walt's to be in two places at once? Shannon. And she's dead now. Coincidence?

The island will give you what you want, what you need - unless you piss it off. Unless you aren't supposed to be there. Was Shannon not meant to have seen Walt?

And Speaking Of People Who Shouldn't Be Here

Why on earth is Hurley on the list of folks that Michael needs to bring back to The Others? As Mr. Scoop put it, "What? Two strapping young bucks, the hottie and the fat man? What do they need him for? Lamp oil?" Indeed, even Hurley balks at being asked by Michael to go to on the expedition to get Walt back.

Well, my best guess is still that Hurley isn't actually supposed to be on the island and the island (as an entity or whatever) is trying to rectify the situation. Again, I cover the whole theory about this here. The island (or whatever forces are associated with it) did its damnedest to keep him from getting on the plane. It doesn't want him there. Hurley's mutant power of bad luck is so bad he managed to get on the plane anyway.

As I also pointed out here, everybody on the island is getting what they need to be happy except.. Hurley. This continues when he is prevented in getting together with his love interest, Libby, by the ultimate cock block: Death.

Hurley gets none. And he does not like it. In fact, he doesn't like it so much that he changes his mind after the funeral and tells Michael that he'll go with him to rescue Walt. It's personal now. Thank God we introduced those characters from the tail of the plane so we could create this relationship.

So Where Am I Going With All This?

We've got our Little Boy, the psychically powerful Walt, in the camp of The Others. The island has decided that Walt will be its vessel. Hurley is being marched over there because the island wants to reset its balance (Fat Man with the uber bad luck has to go..Fat Man will ultimately throw things too off kilter for whatever experiments the island (or the forces behind it) is trying to conduct). The other folks, our young bucks and hotties, are chess pieces. However, there is something the island may not be prepared to deal with - when Hurley decides to get shit done, it gets fucking done. It doesn't matter if it's getting on a plane despite being entirely too late to board or making a golf course out of nothing - if Hurley decides it's going to happen, it'll happen.

And right now Hurley is pissed off and looking to hurt the people he feels took Libby from him.

I'm going to be very curious to see how this season ends.

I'm telling you - it's all about Fat Man and Little Boy. A tale of two psychic nukes.

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Timmy Mac said...

Interesting thoughts. Don't know that I agree, but it's better analysis than the chicks at my office.

I noticed that Jack, Kate, and Hurley have all seen things from their previous lives on the island (Jack's dad, Kate's horse, Hurley's friend). I had Sawyer pegged as the odd man out for that reason.

Also, don't forget that Sayyid is also going to be a wild card, since's he's figured out that Michael's compromised.

Personally, I found this episode pretty dull. I mean, Michael's time with the Other's was pretty much exactly what you'd think: they get him, hold him hostage for a while, give him a tearful moment with Walt (who, shockingly, tells him the Others are creepy) and then they use him as bait. I thought it was kinda obvious and weak, at least compared to the usual high standards of the show.

I would say that the Island worked harder to get Hurley there than anyone: he's the one who heard the numbers before he even got on the plane...

Miss Sassy said...

I figured Hurley as the FIRST choice for The Others since he had the Numbers premonition... The Doc was a nice addition... Freckles with her criminal record might have some snatch-and-grab'n appeal to Them... I don't know whats with Sawer though.

Soooo glad someone else thought about these episodes!! I thought last week was a little sappy, and this week was a bit predictable, but with the previews of Hurley falling backward off a cliff a few weeks back I'm wondering how they set a show up on a deserted island and keep KILLING PEOPLE OFF!!!

The boat might be a nice tip off. I'm wondering what happened to the dude that was already in the hatch and how often that company comes to visit their hatches instead of just dropping food for the 'workers' or whatever they call them.

Echo is freaking me out a little these days. He needs a reality check.

Thanks for the soundboard - my roomies don't watch!! Blasphamy!

Dave Morris said...

I must compliment you on a thorough, lucid and exhaustive analysis of the show.

Now if I only had a single fuck idea what you are talking about.

Will said...

First time here, came over from the Sneeze comments. I agree with you on Annalucia's character never really fitting in so I wasn't surprised to see her go. However, I didn't expect her to go the way she did, and will it ever be revealed why Libby was in the Hospital? So many questions.