Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm sorry there hasn't been a whole hell of a lot out of me this week. Work has been kicking my ass.

I have thoughts about tonight's episode of Lost, but I'll probably be more lucid tomorrow.

Here's a web site they humped during one of the commercials on the show, though:

Hanso Careers

It's the company responsible for the Dharma Project. The jobs listed seem to hint at some of the characters on the show. Are they plants for the Dharma folks?

Oh, and in the meantime, here's a picture of Bob Barker killin' a guy:

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Nicolas Papaconstantinou said...

I'm so far behind you on Lost that I shouldn't even be READING your Lost posts, but you're the sanest person I've encountered who watches it as closely as I do, so maybe you have an insight on this:

Bearing in mind I'm only at episode 2.16, so I might not have seen vital episodes:

Was there an indication in the final two episodes of the first season that somebody working for Sun's father might be tailing Jin onto the flight? It seemed to be delivered as a pretty crucial plot point at the time, but 15 episodes on, I'm starting to wonder if I imagined it...

Also, how come IMDB lists some cast members as (2004-) and others with no date info?

And why do I care so damn much? We all KNOW that the show is going to run out of steam before they give us any sense of closure... I can't think of a single continuing series that that HASN'T happened to.

(God, work is boring...)

The Fight Guy said...

Never seen a single ep of "Lost", so I can't comment on your hypothesis there, I'm afraid.

Interesting to learn that ol' Bob is the Emperor's more dapper brother, however. I suppose that 40 years of dealing with semi-retarded trailer trash at the "Hi-Lo' Wheel would be enough to turn anyone to the Dark Side...