Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In Which It Is Discovered That The Dark Lord Of The Sith Might Be The Troll In My Uterus...

Today a six-year old pointed at my stomach, looked up at me and said, "Darth Vader lives in there."

He actually was referring to my shirt, which has a lovely arrangment of regular TIE Fighters and Vader's own TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter.

And then his summer reading tutor came in and admonished him for being out of his seat when he was supposed to be working on "Thomas the Tank Engine" or whatever it is that six-year olds are supposed to read when they are left to their own devices.

I felt guilty and fessed up that it'd been my shirt that distracted him.

I mean, you can try to sit there and read "Thomas" quietly, but how do you not end up losing focus and staring at the large print of theDeath Star on the back of my shirt? It's fucking massive.

And, yes, I owned this shirt well before I ever went to Nerd Prom.

I didn't decide to fuck off to the West Coast to look at freaks in a vacuum, people.

Oh, and I came back with this shirt:

If you haven't seen Clerks 2, you really should. One of the best, damn sequels ever. I almost forgive Kevin Smith for not showing up for his 1 PM Saturday forum at the Comic-Con. Almost.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about the things I saw in San Diego. If I have the energy. There's a solid chunk of my brain that is still convinced that it is still on California time and thought it was 2 AM when I got up this morning. That only mostly sucked.

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Anonymous said...

This can mean only one thing: You're Sh'mi Skywalker ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVED "Clerks II." Dave and I went to see it with my little brother, cousin and MOTHER.... It was great, although I did find myself questioning whether inviting my mother along was the appropriate thing to do....

Anonymous said...

Aww, that sux that Kevin didn't show. I loved Clerks 2 too. Do tell more when you get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Not accusing you of having gamed or any such thing, but you might like this:


It has some application to Nerd Proms, for sure.