Thursday, August 24, 2006

Procrastination, My Sweet

I've finally finished the last of the documentation I promised I'd write for a project I was supposed to be working on while on vacation. With one day of vacation to go.

I can't believe I blew it off for as long as I did. When I finally sat down to finish it today, it was a whopping hour and a half out of my life. Why did I put it off? Rebellion at having to work on anything, voluntarily or otherwise, during my vacation I suppose.

I always feel like such a tool whenever I put anything off. Leftover guilt from childhood, near as I can guess. When I was a kid and didn't do homework or got a bad grade in elementary school and lied to my parents about it, I'd always go to bed with a sick feeling in my stomach. Because I knew they'd find out eventually and I'd get in trouble and I wanted to please them and not be a bad kid, but I really didn't want to let anything cut into my "me" time after school got out either. Thank goodness for high school and the ability to get homework done during other classes.

Of course the problem with summer vacation is that it's all "me" time.

And, I don't know about you, but I know that whenever I finally finish something that I've been procrastinating over, I always feel an enormous sense of relief. I know things will be better for having gotten the offending piece of business done and out of the way. So why then don't I finish more items off my perpetual "To Do" list?

Here's a small sample of things I could be doing right now or could have/should have been working on at any time in recent memory:

• Doing the dishes
• Grocery shopping
• Calling my mother
• Laundry
• Taking the car to get the oil changed
• Cleaning any room in my apartment.
• Updating this blog (ok, I guess I’ve been better with that lately)
• Writing new material
• Going for a walk or engaging in some kind of exercise on a regular basis
• Keeping in touch with friends I haven’t heard from in weeks/months

And that's just ten things. I'm sure there's other stuff I'm forgetting.

Sure, as Mr. Scoop puts it, I'm on vacation. I have no obligation to do anything other than have fun and amuse myself for the duration of the time I have off. But, I know when school starts up again next week I'm going to look back at this time, when I still have all those things to do, and kick myself for not doing at least some of it.

Well, I think I'm going to go play Outlaw Golf 2 on X-Box while I contemplate all this.

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Anonymous said...

I put off calling my grandparents for 2 months. Boy was my granny a bitch when I did call...