Thursday, September 28, 2006

Panaceas and Placebos

So, despite my best efforts to be healthy I continue to be plagued by the plague this cold. Yesterday, I tried to take my daily walk to show my body who was boss and was rewarded for my efforts by not having the strength to make dinner by the time I got home. Today, it has taken enough of a toll on me that I decided to take a sick day after I had already gone into work. I was kind of hoping that once I got to work, I'd just stick it out and get through the day but today is no ordinary day. Today is Parent's Night and as much as I normally enjoy putting in a 15 hour day that ends with having to duck questions about whether junior is getting a failure warning (the answer, by the way, is if you're suspicious enough about his performance to even ask, then the answer is probably yes), today I would rather have bamboo splinters put under my fingernails than remain upright for long periods. On the upside, I get to miss the fun that is Parent's Night. On the downside, that's one less day I can use as a "Make My Own Snow Day" when the weather starts to get crappy. Maybe I will have acquired a new car by then, although for some reason I can't find the title to my car (such as it is). I think I'll have to call the DMV or something.

Or torch it.

Today was the generally drippy with accompanying aches and mild fever portion of the cold proceedings. I actually went so far as to buy these two herbal teas. One has zinc and echinacea (and knocked me right the hell out after a couple of cups) and the other has chamomile and valerian (which is actually supposed to knock you right the hell out, so who knows what that's going to do to me). As long as they ratchet my energy level down enough so I don't feel compelled to stay up for Letterman (not because he's really that good anymore, but more because I'm an adult and I can), I'll consider it money well spent.

I did feel better after my herb induced nap, so who knows? All I know is that OTC decongestants are good for making meth you high enough not to care that you're sick but lousy for actually sleeping through the night later, so this stuff is going to have to do for now. Now, if I could just get over the hump enough to get my sense of taste back, I might feel I've actually accomplished something today.

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Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm awfully sorry you're sick.

I always do a steambath, sauna or spa when I have coldlike symtoms. Works like magic.

In fact, it's worth keeping a gym membership just for colds.

Steven Novak said...

I would sy that I'm sorry for you being sick, but I've been a little under the weather myself lately, makes me feel better to know that someone else is suffering. ;)