Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let Us Eat Cakes

Every time I take a picture of something I cook, I remember that I really should buy a digital camera instead of relying on the camera installed in my phone.

One of the ways I've discovered to make the diet more manageable is by relying on a short slew of recipes that go together fast and that can be easily morphed into different recipes by swapping out one ingredient for another. This recipe for Spicy Chicken Cakes with Horseradish Aioli is one such recipe.

The brown blur on the right is tabbouleh, sans any oil. I cooked the Bulgar wheat in chicken broth instead to add flavor.

Earlier in the week I adapted the chicken cake recipe in this fashion:

Salmon Cakes with Saffron Aioli

For the cakes:

3/4 lb boneless, skinless salmon, cut into chunks
1/4 lb raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
2 pieces of wheat toast
1/4 c. dill sprigs
1 shallot, peeled and roughly chopped
salt, black pepper, red pepper, and dried thyme to taste
3 T. low fat mayo
2 egg whites

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

1. In a food processor, blitz the bread, shallot, dill, salt, peppers, and thyme until coarse crumbs form.

2. Add the salmon, shrimp, mayo and egg whites and pulse until all ingredients have just combined. Scrape the mixture out into a bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

3. Form the mixture into 8 patties. Drop the patties onto a very large nonstick skillet that has been spritzed with Pam and heated to medium high. Cook the patties on one side for 3-4 minutes. Flip the patties and finish them in the oven for about 5 more minutes, or until just done. Serve immediately with aioli.

For saffron aioli:

1 large pinch saffron bloomed in 1 T. hot water
1 garlic clove, mashed into a paste with a pinch of coarse salt
2 T. low fat mayo
2 T. fat free sour cream
1/2 t. stone ground mustard
1/2 t. Dijon mustard

Mix all ingredients and keep refrigerated until ready to use.

Serves 4 as entree and 8 as appetizer.

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Violet said...

Looks much healthier than anything I've had for a meal recently. Also looks like a lot more work!

I'm all about using the camera on my phone... If I had a good digital camera, I would never have it when I wanted to take a photo.

Tim said...

I think Rachael Ray would be proud!

Steven Novak said... is so much work though...

Screw it...I'm just ordering a pizza. ;)


Ari said...

I've been off cooking for awhile but I saw Nigella Lawson doing it (cooking) on telly the other day and it has re-inspired me.

Ari said...

I'd rather just come to your house for dinner, though.

Anonymous said...

Amanda darling...
I admire you more for you having the courage to put something like this down your throat.

One day, i will try it.
And i expect a form of praise from you dearest.