Tuesday, October 17, 2006


What low blood sugar from too many weeks of dieting can do to dinner conversation...:

We had just sat down to our quiet, calorie minded diet dinner. Win Amp chugged away in the background. Mr. Scoop looked up at the song that was currently playing. "What's that?", he asked. "Harry Chapin. The song is Mr. Tanner. It's a song that tells the story of a guy who owned a laundry. He was a really good singer and sometimes he'd just start singing when he was working because he just loved to sing. The music made him feel whole. People who heard him were amazed. They couldn't believe this guy was just hiding out in his shop. Cleaning coats. They thought he should do something more with his talent. So, at their urging he went to New York and managed to get a concert gig. It was huge for him, but really all he cared about was how much he loved singing.

"The industry that was there told him that basically he sucked. He went home to the laundry business and never sang in front of anybody again."

"Good lord", exclaimed Mr. Scoop. "That's depressing! That's awful. Harry Chapin's a dick."

"Harry Chapin's dead", I replied.

"Did I kill him?", asked Mr. Scoop.

"No, dear", I said.

"Oh", said Mr. Scoop. "Can I have some more broccoli?"

"Yes, dear", I said.

"And some more rice?"

I passed him the rice.

"And a gun?"

"No, dear."

"You never let me do anything fun."

"I let you have seconds."

But it just wasn't the same.

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Ari said...

I like this one. :)