Thursday, December 14, 2006

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Hey, folks - Mr. Scoop and I closed on the new condo! It has a little balcony off the the back of the kitchen. Mr. Scoop even managed to check it for pee-worthiness before we got the condo agreement that explicitly forbids "noxious" behavior. I'm excited for the balcony because I know that some night I'm going to feel the need to try out the acoustics of the alley it overlooks with my best Evita impression.

And, I will get drunk enough for this to happen. My mom has promised me a wine fridge as a housewarming present. Mr. Scoop has already determined that he is soon going to be the proud owner of a keggerator. Be afraid, O Yuppie Neighbors We Have Yet To Meet! Be very afraid!

So the actual move is this Saturday. We've been up to our eyeballs in cardboard boxes for the last two weeks trying to pack while we waited for the official "Clear to Close" on the mortgage. I've determined that I own entirely too much stuff and yet I can't seem to part with any of it. On top of that, at school we are also in the process of packing up so we can move our wing to a new school building. Between the two moves, I've decided that if I never see another cardboard box again it will be too soon.

So, I apologize that you haven't heard from me in a while. In theory, once we complete the move, both Mr. Scoop and I will each have access to our own computers so there's no excuse for not being able to get onto one of them to update our blogs on a more consistent basis. You know...other than regularly scheduled keg stands with related blackout psychosis because of daily, unimpeded access to the keggerator.


Ari said...

Congrats and good luck sorting through stuff you haven't seen in years!

Miss Sassy said...

Big Congrats and Frat Style High Fives!!
I've still got the boxes from my move mid-October on my back porch (its a BIG porch)... you know, to remind a particular roomie that she is free to load them and restack them at ANY time... the hint isn't working so well... but I hear ya on not needing to see ANYTHING brown EVER again =)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I still remember my first condo.


Helga von porno said...

I'm not even sure I know what a "condo" is. I thought it was some glamourous bird with a huge wing span. But this doesn't quite fit with the text. I know condos are supposed to be huge, but to have its own balcony, and to be able to carry a kegerator and a wine fridge! Jeez! That's some bird! I'm suprised it can get off the ground. Anyway, if it does get off the ground, and you decide to fly it across the atlantic, don't let mr scoop piss all over St Pauls or the natives will get annoyed and try and shoot you down.

Violet said...

Hope the move went well for you! Think we could get some webcam action on the Evita rendition? Your new neighbors need somme Andrew Loyd Weber!