Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sometimes, back-door entry only leads to cries of "pain" and, sometimes, "rape".

Other times, it lets me post to goddamn Blogger. That'd be tonight.

I'm not sure if Blogger is having issues tonight or if the weakass hardware from Linksys is gumming up the works, but it took about 30 minutes to get to this posting screen from the wireless connection.

Here's the thing - the Linksys wireless N router sucks all the ass. It drops connections like a giddy school girl unsure of how to complete a handjob. It knows that stroking and connectivity helps. It just lacks consistency.

Meanwhile, Mr. Scoop kicks all the ass. He bought me a steel string guitar with hook ups that go out to an amp. I've been talking about picking one up for a while now. He decided to just break down and get me one.

I'd like to point out that I do a mean Indigo Girls cover. Any Indigo Girls cover.

Ok, Mr. Scoop has now farted in a way that defies Geneva conventions. I have to go find the Febreze.


Violet said...

Blogger is consistently a pain in the ass...

Hope you found the Febreze quickly!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

First, great handjob line. Caught me off guard.

Second, you play guitar? Post a jam on your blog, please. I'd love to hear.

Scottsdale Girl said...

OMG this post so did NOT go where I thought it was going.

Dave Morris said...

Mand, first of all, I am so impressed you can play an axe. (yeah that's right, I used that term)

Secondly, linksys does suck royal assholes, but what else is there... Netgear? Sheesh.

About the fart, get over it. Sometimes we get the gas. Soon, shit happens. Then it's all good.