Saturday, July 28, 2007

Memories Are Free

San Diego is not a cheap place to vacation, at least not in the area central to the Convention Center. Our coffee and danish (you know, the continental breakfast that most hotels usually give the guests for free?) was eight dollars this morning. We tried to go to a place that offered a sweet deal of a large beer and a small sake for $5.50 at dinner time last night and it was going to be an hour wait for a table. I want to be frugual, but I am impatient - and every moment I don't keep Mr. Scoop juiced to the gills is a moment he realizes he can probably pee on a wino with impunity (particularly if he wait for one of the trains to go by and obscure the view. They come every 2.67 minutes.).

We ended up at a fish taco place not far from the Convention Center. Along the way, we had a Stan Lee sighting. He was hustled away by his people before we could get a photo. Perhaps their spider sense was tingling. Or they could just smell Jack Daniels failure impending doom. Mr. Scoop discusses it here.

However, here was a cool moment that happened during the Con:

Yes, that is George fucking Romero.


Ari said...

AWW!!! Now I'm jealous. There is nothing finer than geeky conventions and binge drinking. Well, perhaps there are many things finer, but for me, few offer such deliciously hypocritical FUN.

Violet said...

Sounds like a blast. Too bad that you couldn't get a picture of Stan Lee... That would've been sweet.

Dave Morris said...

Mmmm. Fish tacos, Stan Lee and George Romero. I would accuse you of making shit up, but you're too pure for that.