Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Happy Independence Day!

I'm still free. This, despite engaging in flagrant open container violations while standing across the street from the local fire station.

Our new place is located in just the perfect place to not quite see the fireworks displays from either our town or the next one over without going east or west two blocks in either direction.

The street corner across from the fire station turned out to be the best place to stand to see some smattering of legal fireworks whilst celebrating a legal holiday that falls on a Goddamned Wednesday with no hope of a day off on either the day before or the day after (Bitter? Me? No! I'm not arrested. I'll take that.) Several of my town's finest were out there watching the display. None of them seemed to care that Mr. Scoop and I were each carrying about a half liter of sweet, sweet booze apiece to ring in the day.

Mr. Scoop takes comfort in the fact that, as long as the cops don't care, the street is the last place he can have a drink and a smoke at the same time without catching hell or a fine.

God bless America.

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Scottsdale Girl said...

Mr Scoop speaketh the truth forfuckssake.

OH and Truffle Oil? LOVE IT!