Thursday, October 04, 2007

This is blasphemy! This is madness!

This is, somehow, Zack Snyder's fault. My camera phone really didn't do the picture justice, but I snapped that...augmented...caution sign in front of the school's auditorium yesterday. Yes. It does show a little stick figure guy kicking another little stick figure guy until he was good and down. Like Leonidas, kicking a Persian messenger down a well...which is why it probably says "This Is Sparta!!!" underneath it all. I'm not sure what its intended purpose was - a message from the drama club to the band geeks, perhaps:

Drama: (whining...of course...)But we booked the auditorium so we could rehearse our scenes for our student written one acts! Gregory has this really great moment he just added where he talks about why he feels most comfortable in black clothes and wearing eyeliner...Did you know he hasn't taken his My Chemical Romance sweatshirt off for a month? It's so (choking up) brave.

Band: Well we need it to rehearse for the football game. People will actually come to the football game. Event attendance trumps emo wanking, bitches. (moves to enter the auditorium)

Drama: Oh that's it! Drama, give them nothing! But take from them everything!

And then a slap fight with some hair pulling ensues. And something about how tonight they would dine in the school cafeteria hell.

I should probably go grade some papers or something.

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Ari said...

When I see stuff like this, it's hard not to let the giggling I'm doing on the inside out. Once I picked up a drawing that one of my 3rd graders was passing in class. Two stick figures, each with a line between his legs. One stick figure's line was FAR longer than the other. Of course, the well endowed figure was labeled with the sender's name. The short-lined stick man was the recipient.