Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back, Right After This Commercial Break

Happy New Year! I apologize for having been away for so long. I blame Rock Band for everything. As you can see from the picture on the left, my little avatar is living the rock dream. She's got funky hair and more ink than the Oxford English Dictionary (are you down with OED?). Evil Scoop has toured the world twice and taken the planet by storm as break-out vocal act. She's even climbed into the top 130 or so of vocal acts on the leaderboards. Yup. Right up until she had to play in "Expert" mode if she wanted to earn anymore points. That's about when things went sideways and she started to care more about partying than the music. It was a fast descent into booze, blow and Digital X. Currently she's spending a little time in the hospital for "exhaustion".

But don't sweat it. Soon she'll be back up and running with boyfriend, Drunky McPorno, and the best band you've never heard of, The Hiro Nakamura Experience. As soon as either of them can play well enough in "Expert" to get past the stupid fan cap. The stupid, awful demoralizing fan cap.

In the meantime, Evil Scoop will learn to play drums. Because it will take her a very long time to even get to "Medium" on drums. That would be because of the need for rehab her stunning lack of coordination. Yes. Most definitely.


Lance Manion said...

Um. EXCUSE ME? Why do you not mention Josh Woo and the Yambags?! Greatest Rock band ever to go fetal from alcohol poisoning? They are awesome, and would never sell out like that Amy Winehouse wannabe, Evil Whatsherface. Josh Woo plays on easy, and that's okay because she's damn cute.

Ari said...

I. Must. Play.

Amandarama said...

Lance - Josh Woo is all about the easy. I apologize for the oversight. I blame my sobriety.

Ari - Yes. Yes, you must. We were up playing until 2:30 this morning. It is highly immersing and addictive.

Anonymous said...

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