Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So, were you also totally sucked in by the premiere of Lost last Thursday? I was. I continue to be.

via Redneck Scottsdale Princess

I'm not sure I agree with the outcome, but, on the other hand, I suppose it's not outside the realm of possibility to be the character who hears voices that isn't Hurley. I'm just not laid back enough to be Hurley. And I don't have a bitching Camaro.


On a completely different note, this has to be the best Craig's List post ever.


As you peddled away crying, I realized that I had over reacted. I was having a bad day and had just spent a lot of money on a new paint job, but pulling a gun on you was out of line. I’d like to make a formal apology in person. Over a bottle of wine and/or dinner, perhaps?
via Dethroner

Now I just need to figure out what Mr. Scoop was doing in Portland, Oregon.


Oh, and Mr. Scoop has scored us lodging for Comic Con in San Diego for this coming July. We're already registered for the convention, because the thing just keeps getting more huge and we wanted to make sure we'd be there for all of it. Nothing like coming out of a whiskey blackout to discover your vacation is sold out. So, get ready California - we're coming back!


Ari said...

Hope you have a wootin' good time at Comic Con! I've been contemplating going for some time, but generally I stick to the wannabe shows around here. It's still fun though.

Trebuchet said...


Lost = Sayid
Heroes = HRG
Jericho = Hawkins
Battlestar = Bill Adama
Buffy = Spike?



Violet said...

There is NO WAY that that was a serious Craig's List ad... Right? Somebody please tell me I'm right!

Amandarama said...

I don't know if he was serious but it was on Craig's List until someone flagged it and got it pulled. Cross my heart and stuff.