Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some Solutions Are Simple

Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow and thus determined we will have six more weeks of winter. I say, we should have shot him yesterday. You can't see your shadow if you're dead.


In other news, I'm still sick.

"You've been sick?" I hear you asking (well, the 3 of you that still come by on a semi-regular basis anyway).

Yes. The illness that spawned Plague Bunny continues to hold fast to my tender insides, specifically my chest and nasal passages. On the upside, I don't begin my mornings yelling, "Why am I coughing up blood?!" That would be Mr. Scoop. And he even went to a doctor, who told him he was fine but sent him out for a chest x-ray "just in case" (of what? tuberculosis?). However, I still have crap rattling around in my chest like a phlegmy Ghost of Illness Present, which leads to wheezing and general irritation on my part. I also have laryngitis. My kids are thrilled...except when I give them large worksheet packets of SAT vocabulary skill building to work on so they will be quiet and I don't have to take a sick day. I need those sick days for my car, of course.

And, speaking of my car, I finally have gotten to the point where I may actually buy a new car to replace the 92 Geo Prism that I have been driving since I purchased it in 1994. The Prism failed its inspection today. Something about the muffler and/or exhaust system. I'm waiting for them to call me back with an estimate. This would be the fifth or sixth time I've replaced some part related to the exhaust in the last eight years. I've had enough. I think it's time to let the car die. However, it's not as simple as I'd like it to be.

I had to call my bank to track down a really ancient auto loan that I finally paid off in 1999. I never was sent my title. They're going to send me some sort of paperwork that I have to bring to the DMV to submit other paperwork there and get a corrected copy of the title that shows that I'm actually the owner of the car. Then I can finally buy a new car. 20 business days from now. So, in the meantime, I'm going to have to pay for the work on the exhaust system. Dammit.

And, if I have new car, I will also have to start coming up with new reasons why I can't go home and visit on a regular basis and why I feel justified in taking a sick day when there is an inch of snow on the ground.


Violet said...

Sorry you're still feeling sick. That sucks. The kids at school around here are dropping like flies. I was lucky - I got to spend my entire winter break being sick. Too much fun.

Ari said...

I recommend Toyota.