Monday, March 24, 2008

The Body

I celebrated Easter by making rabbit:

It's a Gordon Ramsay recipe, Rabbit Fricassée with Tagliatelle.

I decided to serve the rabbit with items that it might have eaten out of the garden:

Asparagus with Oyster Mushrooms and Shallots

Roasted Beet Salad


Spicy Carrot Salad

I'm not sure if actually eating bunny on Easter is traditional, but it just seemed right somehow. Plus, Mr. Scoop had requested that I make the recipe again (I debuted it last Easter, actually) - and the local supermarket actually carried them in the fresh meat case about a week before the holiday. I bought three rabbits and nestled them carefully next to the dead hooker frozen pizza and Hot Pockets.

The biggest challenge this year was that the rabbit came as a whole carcass instead of already cut up. I needed to cut it up into pieces parts before I could cook it. If you've ever owned a cat, a whole rabbit is kind of disturbingly similar in shape and weight. Mr. Scoop actually had to leave the room while I proceeded with my butchery:

The Whole Bunny
The bunny minus its legs. I'm proud of myself because I cut cleanly through the joints. Look out Jeffery Dahmer Emeril!
Gordon says that once you get the loins free you should roll them up in the belly flap like a cigar. It will protect the loins. I don't think you can argue loin protection, really.
The bunny even gives its kidneys for this tasty dish! Frankly, a lot of this part of the prep was like reliving my Human Anatomy and Physiology final all over again, but with less fetal pig and more Easter Bunny. I'm probably going to Hell. Oh, yes.

But, ultimately, the recipe is worth it. Really.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Is that a Buffy refrence? ;-)


Lance Manion said...

We had ham. It came as god and nature intended, in a ten pound, spiral-cut, pyramid.

Dave Morris said...

Oooh, the irreverence. You might as well have eaten Jesus pie.

Violet said...

We have a friend... okay, an acquaintance... well, really he is just somebody we know through somebody else... But, anyway, we call him "Al the Rabbit Guy." He raises rabbits and can skin and gut one in seconds flat. What a way to pick up chicks, huh? (I mean, girls, not... never mind...)

Ari said...

I'm not at all sure eating lagomorphs is a good idea, but I shall defend to the death your right to do it.