Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Do It All For You. All Of It.

A rousing round of "Let's Drink The Hangover Away". Yes. This has made my day more bearable. I am full of sake and raw fish products. I now hate being awake marginally less.

I drank so much last night that I forgot finishing whole bottles of Chardonnay and accused them of hiding themselves from me out of fear while I opened bottles of Sauvignon Blanc in retalliation. I was lots of FunTM for a healthy chunk of the evening. Reportedly. I lack even the most vague memories of going to bed. For all I know, I was teleported there by aliens, jammies and all.

In short, it was a good Saturday.

In other news my butcher, Dave, is concerned because his cat has gone gay. The cat started a bromance with his former roommate's cat. It too was male. There apparently was snuggling and mutual grooming. Then the roommate moved out and now the cat pines and Dave wakes up with the cat on his face. Ish. Face-ish. I was more concerned about the words "bromance" and "cat" in the same sentence. These are the stories I endure in order to secure high quality meat products. Dave, or at least his cat, knows his sausage.


Ari said...

The principal difference in our Saturdays was that I was attacking Carro Tinto instead of Chardonnay.

State testing commences next week and the press to make every available second of class time a higher order thinking exercise is on. Makes me tired.

Lance Manion said...

Damn, girl. You know how to party.

Was there stabbing and blood? Home invasions? Wild accusations of barratry and apostasy?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You have a butcher?

That's so 1960s.

I love kitsch.

Scottsdale Girl said...

You never have a hangover if you stay drunk.


Anonymous said...

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