Saturday, June 28, 2008


When I logged in today, I discovered that this would be my 300th post since I began the blog, rather idly, in 2003. So, I'm borrowing this idea from Violet's blog:

Last year at this time, I was taking a class on "Improving Writing Instruction Using Stuff You Should Have Already Learned In Grad School (Desperate for Professional Development Points edition)". I also discovered that you can wreck a perfectly good pizza by putting truffle oil on it. Oh and Mr. Scoop and I were about 6 months into homeownership. It did not (and still does not) suck.

Two years ago, I'd just returned from Philadelphia. I learned that being drunk in a room full of the dead (or nearly so) is preferable to not being so (but still not that great actually). And I still own the 1992 Geo Prism mentioned in that post. Please. Send money. I swear I'm not a Nigerian.

Three years ago, then pitcher for the Red Sox Bronson Arroyo released an album of cover tunes while doctors in Pittsburgh learned how to reanimate dead dogs. Coincidence? I think not. Meanwhile, I ended the school year on a lovely note when the majority of my kids demonstrated that they could actually employ the strategies I made them use to complete fairly lengthy essays for their finals! Yay!

Five years ago, I had finally finished my master's degree in Education. I'd also managed to secure "professional status" (that's tenure to the rest of you) at my high school and was enjoying the sweet satisfaction of job security for the first time in years. In contrast, Mr. Scoop had begun to work for the radio industry.

Ten years ago, I was between jobs. Things were a bit chaotic. I began to write some material that would morph into my first open mike at The Comedy Studio. Though teaching would eventually win out over comedy as my vocational path, I still miss it (although regular paychecks are a good thing. And I can still tell dick jokes. When I'm not around children. Stupid "laws".)

Today, I am taking a break from classes and working as a tutor this summer to just relax. Although I'm going to do a little curriculum work here and there, I'm looking forward to having the summer to mostly do what I want. Having the summer off is supposed to be one of those perks that most people think is a benefit to being a teacher. It's so rarely true. This afternoon, Mr. Scoop and I are going to visit Lance and his wife and child. Maybe I'll tell a dick joke. I'm like that.


Lance Manion said...

After the title, I was expecting to see a buttload of animated Spartans screaming and kicking each other in the junk or something.

To be honest, I'm kind of disappointed that it didn't turn out that way.


Ari said...

This is my first actually "free" summer in a while too. Both my liquor bills and my quality of life have increased dramatically.

Anonymous said...

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