Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comic Con: Even Nerds Need To Eat

There are terrifying things to be found at Comic Con. For example, you might encounter a costumed individual that appears to be wearing the best Jabba the Hutt outfit ever but, upon closer approach, turns out to be Fat Black Wonder Woman.

You need a strong stomach to get through the week. And that stomach needs food.

However, even more terrifying than Fat Black Wonder Woman is the prospect of finding meals for two in the general downtown and Gaslamp district areas that surround the Convention Center that are reasonably priced. Hell, you certainly can't eat at the hotel - especially for breakfast. The orange juice that seems complimentary turns out to actually be $8 when you get the bill; the waitstaff don't even have the decency to put any vodka in it at that hour. Bastards.

So, it was with much delight that Mr. Scoop and I found a lovely little taco joint on Union Street today that fed us both for about $10 including beverages: Taco Express.

I had the fish taco platter. Mr. Scoop got the carne asada taco platter. Both came with refried beans and rice along with soda or water for $4.95 a piece.

Mr. Scoop's carne asada looked pretty typical. Fried beef with shredded lettuce, a little pico de gallo and some guacamole. He found it quite good, especially for the price. My fish taco contained two strips of breaded and fried white fish of some sort, lettuce and pico de gallo. I must admit that I was a trifle dubious about fried fish in a taco, but this really rocked. The fish was fresh and mild. It wasn't greasy at all. I spiked the taco with a little hot sauce and went to town. I will definitely partake of the fried fish taco again.

Meanwhile, we've got a bit of time left to kill before the convention will let people inside to get badges for Preview Night. So, I'm just going to have to do my best to find something to do until then.

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