Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Touching The Tiny

What is sloth?

Sloth is having been on vacation for about three and a half weeks and realizing that, because Mr. Scoop has purchased an Asus Eee laptop computer - a machine so wee that the length of the keyboard is barely that of my hand, I have spent more of that time sitting around in my pajamas on the couch with the television on for background noise surfing teh intertrons than I have in any state that has involved being showered or wearing street clothes.

I wish I somehow felt shame because of this. That would entail sobriety, however. And this is vacation. Mr. Scoop brings home booze daily (some of it is even for me) and there are internet sites that will deliver me food. I haven't quite gotten to a full out Depends level of indolence; I like to believe that Mr. Scoop will have the decency to wrap me in a tarp at that point and leave me by a dumpster. It's the only kind thing to do really.

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Ari said...

You and I are having the exact same summer, but yours is a bit more technologically advanced.