Saturday, July 04, 2009

Drinking Independently

Annual Open Container Violation Night Independence Day has come and gone. We stood on the corner of our street and Other More Major Thoroughway with uniformed guys that might have been cops, but probably were firemen from the station across the street. We watched the finale of the town's fireworks display. It was pretty cool. The uniforms ignored my Dunkin' Donuts travel mug of Sauvignon Blanc the way they ignored the Mexicans a block up firing cherry bombs and bottle rockets into the airspace across the street from the local chop shop. God bless America.

Right now we're watching the Tivo'd Boston Pops Fourth of July festivities. I used to actually make my way to the Esplanade to see the Boston show in person. The problem with that is you need to make the commitment to spend the whole day by the banks of the Charles River. I love that dirty water as much as the next Bostonian, but I also hate my fellow Bostonians. Plus, sneaking booze into the Boston Pops show requires getting a space by the river proper. That means you get to the park by 8am or you don't bother at all. The reason for the river space is so that you can hide your booze in the water. I would generally make 64 oz. of sangria in Rubbermaid punch containers and float them in the river, avoiding scrutiny from the ever-present Man. Buddies would show up with coolers containing 2 liter Coke bottles. Half the Coke had been emptied and replaced with Bacardi. But you have to show up early and get your shit settled. The later in the day you get there, the greater the likelihood someone would toss your stuff to make sure it didn't contain any possibility of you actually having fun. As I just can't be bothered with the early rise and the logistics these days, now I just Tivo it and drink at home.

I can drink without fear that some douche will come down on me for trying to make my surroundings more interesting. I can enjoy flashbang explosions in a properly medicated state.

Oh, and on HDTV, Keith Lockhart looks like a painted whore.

Happy Fourth of July!


Ari said...

I do the very same, every weekend. Avoid DUI, hassle, and pants: drink at home on the interwebs.

Bad Acne said...

Good post!